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Circle Acrylic Black & White Reflective Display


The Prop store Circle Acrylic Black & White Reflective Display Table Riser for Professional Product Photography, flatlay Photography, Product Photography, Food Photography and etc.

  • Versatile Photography Enhancement: Elevate your product, flatlay, and food photography with the Prop store Square Acrylic Display Table Riser. Its black and white acrylic surface creates captivating reflections, adding depth to your shots like a round mirror, while offering creative possibilities akin to transparent sheets in art.
  • Professional Presentation: Achieve a polished look for your products and photoshoots. This display riser’s high-quality acrylic construction ensures stability, much like durable polycarbonate sheets for roofs, offering a reliable platform for various subjects.
  • Seamless Integration: With a sleek design, this display riser blends seamlessly into different settings, keeping the focus on your subjects – just as an acrylic mirror sheet complements room decor.
  • Easy Set-Up, Creative Control: Assemble the display table riser effortlessly and begin capturing stunning photos. Experiment with angles, lighting, and reflections to create captivating visuals, similar to artists using glass for painting to manipulate light and color.
  • Online Seller’s Essential: If you’re an online seller, this display riser enhances product appeal, potentially boosting sales, much like how transparent sheets can enhance the allure of artwork. Perfect for professional product shots, creative flatlays, and tempting food photography.

Black & White(circle)


Large (24 x 24 inch)


The Prop store



Product Dimensions

61L x 61W Centimeters


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